August 28, 2022

Jesus is Faithful – (Encountering His Glory)

Passage: Lamentations 3:22-25 NIV

The weighty “Kabod” glory and presence of our God entered in during our Worship service this past Sunday! The Hebrew word “Kabod”, spoken about in the Old Testament, refers to the “glory of the Lord”; the weighty and heavy presence, both physically and figuratively, of God. The Kabod glory of the Lord often comes when His people worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, and when we seek Him and press in to Him , and acknowledge Him as the “main thing” in our worship and in our lives! He comes in such a way that some may be uncomfortable, if you are not used to His weighty presence. But it is an opportunity to go deeper and lean into His heart to be one with Him in the moment, to be saturated by Him and His glorious presence. It is a place that comes from being with Him in a deep, sweet place, causing us to be even hungrier for Him because we recognize even more the “value” of Him. He draws us into this place of His presence so that we are in “awe” of Him, causing us to fully acknowledge Him and desire Him, all while He is taking the time to acknowledge us, individually, and allow us to feel His desire for us! There is nothing like an encounter with Him! It is the Faithfulness of our God, of Jesus! And these are the encounters where healing comes in, freedom comes in, victory comes in. Encounters that you will never forget and that cause you to never be the same!

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