September 4, 2022

Jesus is Faithful to Bring the Kingdom of God – Part 3

Passage: Acts 10:38 KJV

Jesus was always faithful to teach about the Kingdom of God. One of His purposes of coming was to demonstrate the kingdom of God and the defeat of the powers of darkness on the earth. He came to to shift the atmosphere and bring change to the mindsets of the many people who followed Him. He knew that they were going to be able to live differently after the law was completed through His own sacrifice on the cross. He was preparing their souls to receive pure salvation that would bring oneness with the Father again, so that they could fulfill their destiny of ruling and reigning on the earth and having full dominion over the enemy. He taught them how to partner with Holy Spirit and operate in power and authority. Jesus was faithful to teach them, and is still teaching us today, how to be the conduit through which He could display the heart of the Father’s will here on earth. As we partner with Jesus today, we too are able to defeat the enemy in our lives and the lives of those around us, and advance the Kingdom of God through the love and authority of the Father.

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