Colossians 3:23

Thank you for being willing to give your time and talents to serve God. God designed you to serve in an area based on your passions, gifts, and talents and we want to help you find that place! When you serve in the area God designed for you, it’s both rewarding to you and beneficial to those you serve.


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Within the Church Walls

These teams support our weekend services, ministries, events, and weekly administrative needs.


One of the greatest commands Jesus gave in the New Testament was to love your neighbor as yourself. The heart to serve comes from that Christlike love for those around us. When you get connected to a local outreach opportunity, you get to use your God-given talents to change lives. Now is the time to activate your faith and get connected to a local outreach opportunity.


Our mission is to love God passionately and serve others significantly by embracing, displaying, and sharing God's love. The Liberty Mission Teams carry this message outside the four walls of our church. Our teams conduct ministry trips throughout the year to serve the needs of nations around the world to help bring about community transformation.

Next Steps

Step 1

Core Connect – God has called Liberty and given us His vision ot fulfil. Discover our CORE Values, How Much God Loves You, Who You Are in Christ, Having the Mind of Christ, and an introduction to the Prophetic.

Step 2

Life Connect – Discover your purpose and identity and how this enhances your life in all that God has called you to do.

Step 3

Spirit Connect – Learn all about the 9 gifts of the Spirit and how they apply to your life and those around you.

Step 4

The Prophetic – Learn how to know God’s voice in everyday situations. (Prerequisite: Complete Steps 1-3)


At Liberty, Our Passion Is...  To provide an atmosphere where Holy Spirit is welcomed and free to do WHATEVER! Where people encounter God, empowering them to engage in reaching their world with freedom and life for the purposes of the Kingdom!

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