August 21, 2022

Godhead Faithful to Generations

Passage: Psalm 100:5 (AMP)

Our God is so much about generations that He didn’t send anyone other than His own precious Son to return us to oneness with Him. What a great God! And what a great way to define how much our God is a God of legacy by securing our promised inheritance from generation to generation. His faithfulness and truth endures to all generations. He was faithful to make Himself known to us through the love of sending His son and He continues to advance His kingdom through His love. We must be a people that does the same. We must be a people that utilizes our God given rights that align with the Word of God to make the impact needed on the next generations. In many ways the World, and America, has lost its’ way from God. We are responsible to instill in the next generation the truth, the love and the righteousness that Jesus died to give us. We need to advance His kingdom by displaying and standing for righteousness and God’s heart for America, for the Nations, and for the Generations to come!

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