February 25, 2024

God’s Love Bubbles

Passage: Nehemiah 9:5-6

God is reESTABLISHING Love to be the driving force for His people. We are in a new season of God’s Love blowing on us and awakening our capacity to carry His Love forward to others. God is changing you from the inside out to desire more of Him. He is causing you to know who you really are, and more importantly, He is restoring you to feel the Presence of God. God says to increase your faith by being in His presence. As Love increases by being in His Presence, it causes your capacity to believe to increase also. Say to the Lord, “I want all that You have,” and then He will meet with you and store His treasures inside of you, and you will pass them on to other people! God is full of Love and answers, and He wants you to experience His Love so much that His love does not just reside in you, but it bubbles up within you, and overflows out of you to others

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