April 14, 2024

“It’s Too Late!” Moments with Jesus

The Bible has many accounts of people having experiences with Jesus where He came into their situation and settled it forever for them that He is real, that He does miracles, and that Jesus is God. God wants to come into your life, too, and give you an “It’s too late” moment, where from that moment forward no one could ever talk you out of your faith in God. It’s too late, because you’ve already experienced Him, already received His help in a tangible, life-changing eventful moment! Jeff encourages everyone that if you want an “It’s too late” moment with God, where God personally, supernaturally intervenes in your situation He will give you one. He wants to reveal Himself, and He wants you to hold onto your “It’s too late” moment and have faith that no one can talk you out of! It’s just TOO LATE, because you are already totally convinced because you have personally experienced God in your life!

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