How Important Prayer Is!

August 20, 2023
God is listening to your heart! Don’t let Satan take away your communication with God, because of course, the devil will try!

God’s Work on Earth

September 11, 2022
God started to do His work, after the fall of man, by directly interacting with man.

Being in Unison With God

February 27, 2022
We must protect our time with God and our unity with God, and make Him our #1 priority.

Fighting Fear

March 7, 2021
God has given us many tools to overcome fear and navigate to safety and peace!

He’s in the Solution!

July 19, 2020
Let us be watchmen on the wall, always praying, building our faith, and growing our trust―for ourselves and especially for others!

Kingdom Truths

October 20, 2019
Don’t neglect your spiritual foundation while building your physical life; however, you do want to grow in influence and fruit bearing in your natural life!
What is a fulfilled life to you? In this inspiring teaching, Jeff explores not only what a fulfilled life looks like, but how to achieve it. Using scripture and a modern-day example, he encourages everyone to "not grow weary" in doing good.
Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. When the Spirit leads you into the wilderness, you can know that He is leading you to prepare you. To be ready and victorious when the enemy comes at you with temptation. So pay attention! God is always for you, and He desires to lead and protect you, and will always "nudge" you with His Spirit!


At Liberty, Our Passion Is...  To provide an atmosphere where Holy Spirit is welcomed and free to do WHATEVER! Where people encounter God, empowering them to engage in reaching their world with freedom and life for the purposes of the Kingdom!

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