March 15, 2020

In the Day of Trouble!

Passage: Psalm 50:15

“There is hope in the day of trouble.” In our 2020 Prophetic word, God told us this would be a year of being Spirit empowered as never before! I believe that what God has spoken over us is so important right now and we must keep that perspective. Spirit EMPOWERED is not only our promise, but it is essential for believers during this time. We know that as long as we are in this world, tribulation will come. But we have been given the power of Christ in us. We know the real power lies within the people of God who are SPIRIT empowered. We are the solution. As we call on the Lord and put our trust in Him, HE will arise and defeat this enemy and we will arise as the Church to do His bidding, as we help others. So many need to see the Body of Christ actually respond in kindness. No judgment. So check your heart, and move forward in confidence, in faith, and say NO to fear. Let us take advantage of this time to reinforce our confidence in God, and be the salt and light that He designed us to be.

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