May 14, 2023

How Important it is to function as A Family in the Body of Christ – Mother’s Day

Passage: Proverbs 31:1-31

Pastor Dawn’s daughter, Tearsa, gave a beautiful message honoring “Moms” on Mother’s Day. In a spirit of fun, she shared what would be her version of a “Proverbs 32” if she were asked to write one from her perspective based on her “Mom”, Pastor Dawn Rene McCann. With much humor and honor, Tearsa shared what she gleaned from the God given wisdom her mother imparted to her throughout her life, and how her obedience to follow that wisdom (even until this very day) has proven time and again the value and importance of functioning properly as a family in the Body of Christ.  Listen and enjoy as she exhorts and encourages us to realize the value of our mothers, our families, and how each of us should aspire to become spiritual parents to those God has put in our lives.

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