April 28, 2024


: Pastor Dawn introduced the topic of Faith, and introduced four people to talk about Faith for 10 minutes each. We learned that Jesus lived full time in both the physical realm and the spiritual realm. Feeding the 5,000 and healing the woman who accessed the spiritual realm by Faith when she touched Him are beautiful examples of living in the unlimited dimension of the spiritual realm. We can do the same things Jesus did if we keep our Faith free from fear. We’ve all been given a measure of Faith, but in some ways, engaging Faith is like a risky investment, as shown in the parable of the talents. God is pleased when we engage Faith to expand His Kingdom because that shows we really believe Him, and we are fully invested. Faith is how the Kingdom of God advances on the earth. Everyone, even an atheist, has Faith in something, so locate your Faith and make sure your Faith is in the Truth. Truth is a person; it’s Jesus! Then saturate yourself in Truth until you experience what you believe. Cultivate the promises you need, and “up the dosage” until God’s Presence is more real to you then any other thing, because Faith knows God’s will and lives intentionally.

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