April 28, 2024
Eric Taylor: “Our problem is that we are not accessing the spiritual realm to bring the unlimited into the physical dimension, but faith is the ACCESS POINT.” Frank Grate: “We can do the same things Jesus did, so don’t let fear keep you from obeying God.” Jonathan Farrell: “Jesus is not counting results; He is looking for how many times you engage your faith for His Kingdom, because that manifests that you really believe Him.”
“I am looking for wombs to birth what is needed on the earth. For those who will intercede and not count it as a drudgery, or just an assignment. For those who will count it a privilege.”

Living ALL OUT

April 28, 2019
We are to be HIS WEAPON against the spiritual strongholds and invasion that the enemy has brought to affect this world, and all people, adversely.
We are not serving a dead savior, we are part of a thriving people that are indeed living proof of a living Savior. Because He spoke to each of us individually as He sought us out.


At Liberty, Our Passion Is...  To provide an atmosphere where Holy Spirit is welcomed and free to do WHATEVER! Where people encounter God, empowering them to engage in reaching their world with freedom and life for the purposes of the Kingdom!

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