June 30, 2019

Understanding The Importance Of Your Purpose

Passage: Mark 12:30

Our God is arising, bringing that which He has prepared for this time in
history and He is readying His people to enjoy participating with His
purposes. We must engage in what He wants us to do. There is a war raging
over our purpose, our decisions, and our actions. Like Jesus, we are to
demonstrate what our Father is like. We must stay connected to our Father.
That is how we keep our faith alive, how we obey Him, how we conquer the
enemy, and how we fulfill His purpose for us in the earth. If we would
simply obey the two greatest commandments, we would be unstoppable. But the
Church hasn’t been unstoppable… What will it take? Now is the time to
evaluate our strengths and our weaknesses, and DO SOMETHING about it! It’s
time for a change. It’s about being love to others. Walking like Him.
Talking like Him. Acting like Him. What is your action plan?

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