July 21, 2019

The Most Important Message in Your Life

Passage: Acts 4

Using Peter as an example, Pastor Dawn examines the “message” that Peter carried, bringing change to everyone he came into contact with. This message can be an eye-opening and life-altering moment in your life. It is the most important message in your life! If you spend time with anyone for any length of time, you will soon find out the most important message of their life. When you are dedicated to something or someone, you can’t stop talking about it. Your life message is the thing you think about the most. It is the thing that drives you the most. It is the message you are willing to live for. And if it truly is the message of your life, you are also willing to die for it. But when your cause is Christ, then the most important message of your life is HIM. It is, indeed, the message of the ages—but is it your life’s message? Are you a part of the remnant that is willing to boldly proclaim Him, no matter the consequences? After spending time with you, what would others say the most important message in your life was?

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