April 23, 2023

Made New Part 3 – We are a Privileged People Endued with Power!

Passage: Luke 4:1-13

Last week, we had a Holy Spirit-directed service that you should watch online! We learned that salvation is only the beginning of all that God has given us through His Son. This week, Pastor Dawn reveals that after salvation, we must grow and know, that salvation does not take trials out of our lives. Jesus told us that in this world we would have trials and tribulations, but He has overcome the world. And so can we! As fiery lovers of Jesus, filled with the Holy Spirit, we are to live as passionate people so fired up about the truth of what God and Jesus have done for us that we are able to face challenges and times of temptation with the same victory that Jesus did in Luke chapter four. We need to use our words to speak the Word like Jesus did in the wilderness. When we do, we too will defeat the enemy in our lives and go out empowered by the Spirit to bring truth and freedom to others!

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