April 5, 2020

Jesus is Our Passover

Passage: John 6:53-58

The blood that Jesus shed on Calvary spilled upon the earth like the blood of the sacrificial lambs in Goshen at Passover. Just as the blood of the lambs protected the Israelites and initiated their freedom from slavery, today, as we celebrate communion, we declare it is a celebration of our freedom. Bought by the shed blood of our Lord. We are free. All sin was taken care of and eternal life secured by our spotless lamb that was slain. He has come once again with His sanctification. We are going to apply the blood of Jesus Christ over ourselves as the people of God, and over this nation. The blood will never lose its power! We are going to submit ourselves under the plan of Almighty God, recognizing our inabilities as we declare His abilities. There is nothing impossible with our God. In a moment of time He can show up! In a moment of time He can turn everything around! He is a mighty

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