Keys to Unlock Your Purpose

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Service Date: June 9, 2019

Preached By: Pastor Dawn McCann
Scripture: Ephesians 2:10


We are in a new season. A season where we must re-identify and re-embrace our purpose. It’s time for us to recognize that the reason why the miracles are waiting, and the reason there is frustration on most of the Body, is because we are not breaking into the atmosphere of Heaven and bringing God’s reality to supersede the natural. We need to keep our focus on God, and wake up every day with an open heart and open eyes, to see whoever and however God wants to utilize us. We need to ask God for constant awareness of those that need us. Just as the Law of Lift defies the Law of Gravity, with God inside of us, we have supernatural abilities that defy the natural. God is raising up a militant attitude once again that has been missing in the Body of Christ. If we are to be ALL OUT, we need to discover how God wants us to act both IN and OUT of the church building. We are fulfilling our destiny as we walk in obedience to Him each and every day.