Easter – Living Proof

Service Date: April 21, 2019

Preached By: Pastor Dawn McCann

Scripture: John 4:24


Together, history, very credible clergy, the Word of God, the Bible, and other writings, all verify that Jesus lived on this earth, and almost everything about Him was unusual. The words of Jesus were not merely words. They were words that contained transforming power to change people’s lives. The woman at the well, Matthew the tax collector, all of the disciples became Living Proof that the Messiah had come. Every believer in Christ today is Living Proof that Jesus came, and His words are still changing lives. Every person has within them a desire to know the truth, put there by God Himself. And Jesus said the truth will set us free. His love is Living Proof to all who will hear His voice and respond. Hallelujah! Jesus is still alive!