EASTER 2020 – Hope of the World

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Service Date: April 12, 2020

Preached By: Pastor Dawn René McCann
Scripture: Luke 9:20


Jesus is the HOPE of the WORLD. On this day, when we celebrate the resurrection power of Christ, the Church is to come alive again, fully alive in Christ. He wanted His disciples to KNOW Who He was, and to declare it. He wanted them to understand that He brought all of the Body with Him when He ascended to the Father and sat down at His right hand. Jesus is once again asking His disciples to evaluate how we see Him. Because WHO He is to us, is WHO we will share with others. He is continuing to build His Church upon the declaration and the revelation of who He is. He is not dead. He is the risen One. So now we are the hope of the world, because we are those who represent Him in the world.