The Spirit and the Bride Say Come

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God has appointed his church to be the difference not just to make a difference. The spirit of the Lord is with his church, and it is time we stopped vetting his authenticity, we need to just let him move. When the Day of Pentecost came and the disciples received the Holy Ghost in the upper room, the rest of the city was also impacted by his move.

The story of Esther when she was being prepared as queen for Ahasuerus points out that she was prepared for six months ahead of meeting the King. She was treated and bathed in exotic fragrances, and of significance was myrrh – which was one of the three gifts Jesus was also presented with at birth. Myrrh is a symbolic fragrance for preservation and revitalization; and that was also used for Esther’s 6-month preparatory phase prior to being shown to the King.

Esther however was not just ordained to be the queen, she was appointed and favored by God to fulfill a purpose for the children of Israel who had been secretly condemned to be annihilated. The church has also been called not just to mind its own affairs but to also stand in the gap for the salvation of the nations.

Before Esther got all riled up in abandonment, thinking all she needed to be was just a good queen prepared for the king, Modecai – a representative of the people (the Jews) who were soon to

be annihilated was able to sink in her consciousness – the very edict that was soon to befall them all. And she made up her mind that she was going to mediate on behalf of her people. She had to let the anointing of God become a reality to her while she interceded on their behalf.

Esther had to go against the King’s rule by approaching his throne uninvited – an act that would have gotten her killed except the King stretches forth his scepter of mercy. She went all out, purposefully and intentionally in faith to mediate the reversal of her people’s annihilation. And yes, she did find favor with the King.

The church also needs to start being that difference. We have been put together collectively and individually to be that difference to the nations of the world. We have been called to transform lives and bring them out of darkness into the eternal light of salvation.

If the church is not ready to be the voice or even lay down its life, then it is questionable what our essence is. We need to be intentional in being the purposeful church that will stand in the gap for a dying world like Esther also mediated for her people not minding if she perished.

…excerpts of Pastor Dawn’s laenst sermon as penned by the stylus of a ready scribe! (Ps. 45:1)

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