Shift Happens Here!

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Jesus came here to destroy every evil work of the enemy that we may be free from death and hell. Jesus also came that we may have life and have it abundantly. God is not a withholder but a giver, and as he is, so are we. We have the ability of God in us, we can heal the sick, raise the dead, calm the seas and do much more according to the power of faith that works in us. In essence, wherever God’s children are, shift is supposed to happen.

Acts 3 shared how the disciples manifested the power of miracles in a new shift of their authority when they had received the Holy Spirit. Micah who was a beggar and a cripple at the entrance of the temple also had a shift in his physical state which was a channel of miracle from the disciple’s acts of faith.

Wherever the presence of God is, it will draw people’s attention, and at that moment, we should let the attention be drawn to ourselves. At times, people just want God’s presence for a shift but still want their rule, however God is calling the church to shift its mentality into a radical agent that would not interrupt his move. Even when God manifests himself in an uncomfortable way, which may take us out of our comfort zone at times, we need to just let shift take its course.

When Peter and the rest of the disciples were later taken to be persecuted, intimidated and silenced, the apostolic shift had already begun and many of the non-believers who had heard them (Peter and John) in Acts 4 had already been seeded with the power of the Holy Spirit. And when they were perceived as un-educated, the people marveled at their level of boldness but they realized that they (Peter & John) must have been with Jesus. They were different.

The shift of God has no preference for religion, denomination or doctrinal beliefs, it could manifest in all manner of ways – like dirt in the eyes of the blind- bringing sight, laying of hands on the sick – bringing their recovery, stepping on serpents without being hurt, casting out demons and liberating tormented souls. The life of God was evident in the emboldened disciples and they unanimously caused a shift that liberated the New Testament church.

When we let go for the shift of God to happen through us, we get to be all in – and his presence shows up. God is not done with us yet, all we need to do is to give him permission, and be expectant for his move.

…excerpts of Pastor Dawn’s last sermon as penned by the stylus of a ready scribe! (Ps. 45:1)

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