Personal Revival

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God is on the move right now and is looking for those who are willing to be transformed that they may lead to the transformation of others. When the church yields to that calling of transformation then it would greatly impact the rest of the world.

The fire of God is readily available, but only left to the members of the Church, but when that fire becomes lit on everyone, then change begins to happen. God is, however, ready to unleash through us into the world.

God’s glory needs us to take our position of superior authority – as children of the Most High God. We need to quit operating in the natural and reach for the deep wells of faith within, to bring forth divine manifestations of miracles to reform and transform our world.

Martin Luther King was an example of a reformer who kept increasing his knowledge capacity ‘til he could apply them to enact a powerful change centered on equity and justice. He did not let the fire inside just implode within him, but he channeled its energy and potential to cause a revolution that has

come to be revered in this present age and time. He was also able to help translate the Bible into different languages to ease the spread of the gospel, even across other doctrinal faiths.

God also has a mandate for us on how we are supposed to influence and change things. He has called us – the Church – to release the governance of heaven here on earth. We are here on earth to fulfill God’s purpose and express His mission of Liberty (freedom) to set the captives free.

God earnestly beckons us to stand in the gap for a massive revival to sweep our world, starting from the cradle of our community. God is the healer, and the reformer and the transformer, but we need to first embrace the things of the spirit that we might be able to recognize our calling and mandate.

True revival will start with you, and that revival will bring reformation.

…excerpts of Pastor Dawn’s latest sermon as penned by the stylus of a ready scribe! (Ps. 45:1)

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