Living Like More Than A Conqueror – Part 2

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We have been given the ability to choose to be more than a conqueror, and at times we don’t have to apologize for it.

Romans 8:37 reiterates the fact that we are more than conquerors through Christ who loved us. We have to live continually with the awareness that we have been predestined to win and conquer. However, our positional authority to win lies solely on our faith. Matthew 21:22 says – whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, then you shall have it. Believing as a conqueror is the way to live.

As we renew our minds with the promises of God in His Word, then we gradually begin to build the mindset of a conqueror – who is capable of doing what other people cannot do.

Gideon was an example of a champion with a renewed mindset. God called him to reduce the crowd of soldiers he had to fight the Midianites. A bunch of soldiers who were predominantly laden with fear. So he sent about 22,000 men back home who were not fit for the war as champions.

Then of the few that were remaining, Gideon still had to thin down the

company to a handful of 300 men – with the strength of champions. And with the 300 men, against thousands from the enemy’s camp – they brought victory to the camp of Israel. All they did was chant “the sword of the Lord and of Gideon,” and the enemy’s camp fled into oblivion.  God picks the illogical of men and substances to bring Him victory and all of the glory.

God is, however, looking for people who will not argue with His methods and would just execute His divine strategy to the letter – to bring in the victory just to the glory of His name.

Joshua was also a leader, champion and conqueror who used the words of his mouth by faith to stop the sun and the moon, and used them to his advantage in positional authority as a conqueror.

The Creator of the sun and the moon therefore listened to Joshua for a win!

The only set-back champions have is fear. When they have courage, then they become conquerors.

…excerpts of Pastor Dawn’s sermon as penned by the stylus of a ready scribe! (Ps. 45:1)


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