Jesus Before, During and After the Storm

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We have to learn that right in the middle of fear and chaos, there is remedy. When hurricane Irma raged through Florida, the fear metrics were raised to the maximum, but through it all, we had a remedy – Jesus (who is an embodiment of peace in the storm. Mark 4:35).

You may be surprised to know that “Irma” (the name of the Cat-5 hurricane that made land-fall in Florida Keys and later through the entire state of Florida from coast to coast) means the goddess of war. How co-incidental that the goddess of war had to bow to the God of peace – Jesus! In John 16:33, Jesus says – in me you may have peace because I have overcome the world.

Jesus and his disciples were also in the middle of a storm off the shores of Galilee, but right before, during and after the storm – Jesus was there in the boat. While the disciples in the boat with Jesus were gripped with fear, Jesus was asleep – in peace; not because he didn’t care that they may perish, but he wanted them to see the storm with his kind of peaceful mind. He wanted them to be able to move past their feelings and see through his promises. Then Jesus

arose and “rebuked” the wind, and the storm ceased! Jesus knew he was not going to die in the storm on a boat without his destiny being fulfilled, he knew he was going to die on purpose on the cross to fulfill and perfect the works of salvation he was sent to do on earth.

The disciples needed to be given credit still, because when they were afraid, they ran to meet Jesus. Who do we seek in the storm? We will be faced with diverse storms of life, but we need to understand that Jesus is in the boat with us. We will not lose our lives because our lives are hidden in Christ. The storms of life have no hold on the life of Christ in us. He’s promised he’s never leaving nor forsaking us.

Fear is looking at the storm and faith is looking at the savior. While the storm is there to stretch our faith, we have to know what our inheritance is PEACE! Rise up, speak the WORD and REBUKE the storm and it will cease! God is not done with us yet!

…excerpts of Pastor Dawn’s last sermon as penned by the stylus of a ready scribe! (Ps. 45:1)

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