A “YES” In Our Hearts

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Wherever believers are, shift happens. When we identify with Peter, then we understand it’s never too late to get back on track because God’s got a bigger picture for our calling. Things are going to change when the church wakes up to what they’re really meant to be – according to God’s intention. Knowing who we are and what our purpose is in Jesus – completes us. Colossians 1:8 emphasizes that the church is completed in Christ; Christ being the head and the church – the rest of his body. The church of the living God therefore functions when we recognize him as the head. When the church is not satisfied by tradition, then they get the fullness of completion in the God-head.

We have the divinity’s DNA inside of us, so what can we not do – as believers? We have Christ on the inside of us, so we have the power to shift people’s lives from darkness to light. God has put everything inside of us to be what he wants us to be. We as the church have been ordained to be world changers.

However, in order to manifest the wholeness of completion, we have to submit to obedience. We must give God our “YES”!

The church also needs to make it her mission to strengthen the faith of her brothers. This however requires that the church discovers herself first – demonstrating its purpose not just in words but also in faith and in deeds. When we as the church acknowledge the God that lives inside of us and the enormity of the purpose to which we have been called to, then transformation happens.

The church needs to recognize that they have been resurrected with Christ, and are limitless in the vision of taking courage, getting rid of her past, and like Peter – being ALL IN with activating the truth and the love of Christ to the ends of the world.

…excerpts of Pastor Dawn’s latest sermon as penned by the stylus of a ready scribe! (Ps. 45:1)


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