Transition to Transformation

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Service Date: June 7, 2020

Preached By: Pastor Dawn René McCann
Scripture: Acts 1-14 TPT


We are facing a time once again where people are perishing because they have lost the vision of God. The vision of who they are. The vision of God’s heart and provision for them. We are the people that are being called to go up higher. He is calling to His people to think higher and to rule in the midst of the real enemy, satan. We must embrace the power of God; we must speak the truths of God. We must be the peacemakers. He came, not just to transition us, but to transform us and equip us to be the people who carry the power necessary to bring the change needed. It will be found when we realize that which Heaven has invested inside of us, must be received and acted upon. The Church is to be the voice to everyone, everywhere.