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Danielle F.

Ulcerative Colitis

Danielle F.

Danielle had been suffering from symptoms of ulcerative colitis on and off for a few years. She and her husband, Jonathan began to contend and stir up their faith for her healing. Every day they read the Word, every day they made declarations of her healing, and every day they shared communion. They added fasting to their prayers. They pulled in close to Jesus and took a hold of His hem. One day, Jonathan noticed 2 rainbows in the sky, and God spoke to him giving a promise to heal Danielle. He began to praise God for His promises. Shortly thereafter, all of her symptoms disappeared! It has been over a year now, and she is still praising God that she is healed!

Rachel L.


Rachel L.

On Sunday, August 29, one of our musicians had a word of knowledge at the end of the service. “Someone has ringing in their ears, and God wants to heal that.” Several in the congregation stood for prayer as they agreed with the word. Then someone said, “I believe someone who is watching online is being healed right now.” Later we heard from Rachel that she was watching at home, and stood up when the word of knowledge was spoken, and the ringing in her ears stopped! She had been dealing with ringing in her ears for 5 years.

Daryl Q.


Daryl Q.

I have suffered from depression for most of my adult life. In 2017, my doctor diagnosed me with the worst case of depression in Broward County. I moved into my parent’s house as a 46-year-old man. Not fun. I had no idea that I would live in complete hell for 750 days. While the medical profession tried everything under the sun to help me, I continued to attend Liberty Life Center as faithfully as I could. Pastor Dawn’s sermons gave me a little reprieve from my torment. My faith at this time was low. Honestly, I did not always stick with God but he always stuck with me. One Sunday, Pastor Dawn came straight toward me, calling out the devil. Afterward, I started attending family prayer where Cindy, one of the church elders, prayed over me. Shortly thereafter the complete darkness started to lift more and more each day. What I didn’t expect were the daily God happenings that only He could do. God was going off on me in the best way imaginable. To sum it up, I now have my own place. My boys are happy to have their father back and I’m forever grateful to Liberty Life Center and to a God that overcomes all!


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