It Makes No Scents

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Bethany is known as the house of dates. It could also be referred to as the place where God rests, broods and feasts. You could also call it the MESS – like in the military, there is an officer’s mess, where they unwind and exhale their stress.

Bethany, for Jesus and the woman with the alabaster box – was the place of fellowship and acceptance. Mary of Bethany – as the woman with the alabaster box was called, identified that she needed to approach Jesus at the place of rest with a grateful heart; and that was her expensive box of alabaster. To the disciples, it MADE NO SENSE, but to her, she was only being extravagant in her worship; and she made Jesus’ Bethany a house of SCENTS!

It is absolutely beautiful when we become generous, grateful and extravagant in our worship – for his

goodness to us always. Mary of Bethany was Lazarus’ sister whom Jesus had earlier raised from the dead, and for her act of worship, she must have smelled like the alabaster box she broke on Jesus’ feet too. Up until the cross, Jesus hair must have caught-on to the SCENT of her worship. Though the disciples did not get it; while they saw the stupidity of the woman who broke a very expensive box of alabaster on some feet, the Prince of Peace and the King of Glory noted it as EXTRAVAGANT WORSHIP, and at Bethany, a destiny was redeemed.

There’s got to be something you can also pour on the feet of Jesus at this moment. What is your alabaster box? Even when the world thinks you’ve gone all crazy, pour it all on HIM!

…excerpts of Pastor Theo Jr’s last sermon as penned by the stylus of a ready scribe! (Ps. 45:1)


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