Condition of the Heart

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You can be so godly and be so active with all the gifts that God gave you but he may not know you still. If your heart is not right with God, then it could all be a waste. There are things in our hearts that cause a blockage between us and God. The contents and disposition of our hearts determine the access we’re given.

Luke 19:8 talks about the situation of Zacchaeus’ heart when he desperately wanted to make it right with the Lord even though he appeared to be a good man. Jesus saw the intent of his heart and he got an invite to the fold.

David who was labeled a man after God’s own heart failed miserably in his place before God, and it cost him his very own seed. All it takes at times is a recognition of how divergent our heart may have been drifting away from God and a conscious effort to just stop and make a turn back to the throne of grace.

We need to always have a heart check even with our charitable deeds, the intent of our hearts determines the reward that the heavens bestow on us following such seemingly good deeds. The scripture also mentions how sinful it may be to look at a brother or sister

lustfully, because the intention always begins from the cradle of our hearts. God is even more interested in our motives than he is in our actions.

The woman described in the bible who gave her widows mite – which is a measure of a quarter of a penny – was considered to be the most gracious giver because she gave her all. It was all she had and with the graciousness of her heart, she gave it all to the Lord. It may seem like a worthless gift but from the motifs of her heart, it was a worthy seed that Jesus immediately recognized.

It is scary to note that God judged the intents of the heart in the days of old because there is a whole ritual that needs to be done before the priests approached the ark of God in the holiest of holies. It is hard work and a whole lot of physical cleansing. But today, all we need to do is to make an effort to STOP, re-evaluate our motives, align it rightly with what is true – then it becomes purified, holy and acceptable to God.

…excerpts of Maylin Nelson’s last sermon as penned by the stylus of a ready scribe! (Ps. 45:1)

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