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If you must win the nations for God, it all has to start with a vision. The scriptures say: go into all the nations and raise disciples for the kingdom. Jesus started with 12, then 70, then a couple of hundreds, then an army of disciples that spread the gospel to all nations – for which we are partakers of today. It all started with a vision. Joshua was a charismatic leader but he was unable to raise a generation of leaders and disciples after him. The vision however did not die, so God had to raise some other generation of leaders to take up the mantle.

One other power tool the church needs to conquer the nations for Christ is influence – but the church barely has any. The church seems to have been polluted by the world, and rather than be led by the kingdom ways, the church seems to be trying to keep up. The church should be a stable of influence, be involved in the communities and have an impactful touch on the world.

If the church is more involved with the nations – raising disciples for the kingdom, then our world would be a better place. The church however is you and me. We have been anointed and mandated to take on that role to spread

the gospel of Christ to all nations. It’s our responsibility.

The church also needs to recognize and reverence its head. Christ is the head of the church, and the duty of the church is to heed to the dictates of its head. Joshua was encouraged by the leaders of Israel to be strong like Moses was, and they committed to the unction of his calling with zeal. The church also needs to be humbly subjected to its leadership and also trust the anointing and calling of its headship.

Above all, the church needs to understand that Christ is its sufficiency – when it comes to taking the nations for him. Even down to material finances. The law of prosperity emphasizes giving in the face of insufficiency. We shall break off from the hold of poverty when we understand the principles of giving as a church.

The curse is broken off us – the church. We are the blessed of the Lord, and all the world needs from us is the truth of the kingdom. Go in that courage and might – and make disciples of all nations for Christ.

…excerpts of Pastor Maria Stamati’s last sermon as penned by the stylus of a ready scribe! (Ps. 45:1)

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