Setting the Atmosphere for Victory – Preparing for the Passover

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Service Date: March 29, 2020

Preached By: Pastor Dawn René McCann
Scripture: Exodus 12


God set apart His people when He was preparing them to be delivered from captivity in Egypt. He instituted Passover as a means to protect them and re-establish His covenant with them. Fast forward to today – we are now living in a time when God is setting apart His Church. We are going to emerge from this crisis knowing our God at a new level of trust. We are going to be operating in faith in God’s Word and His promises like never before. Look up His promises! Apply them to your life and your family! He is rebuilding you in a way that you will be stronger and able to withstand anything the enemy sends your way. God has already released His Word to us. We are being Spirit empowered for such a time as this!