Mother’s Day – Deborah

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Service Date: May 12, 2019

Preached By: Pastor Dawn McCann
Scripture: Judges 5:7(b)


Not your typical Mother’s Day sermon … In this inspiring, passionate sermon, Pastor Dawn looks at the prophetess and judge, Deborah, as an example for all believers. There are some situations going on in this world right now, and there is something going on in the spirit realm that is demanding our full attention. This is for fathers and mothers and sons and daughters. It is time to arise into our positions in our families. It is time to arise into our positions in obedience to the gifts and talents God has given us. Because it’s time to not just make a difference, but be the difference. God knows what is going on in this land and in the world, and it is time for the remnant (the Deborah’s and the Barak’s) to arise.