2020 Fasting Guide – Day Twenty-One

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As we know, transformation is more than being revived ourselves. The bigger picture is always a BIG PICTURE! That’s revelatory, isn’t it?

So WE know what God is saying: This is the year for US to be ALL OUT SPIRIT EMPOWERED. We must recognize that when the SPIRIT of God descended and filled the disciples after Jesus ascended to Heaven, the SPIRIT appeared as fire.

This will be a year of FIRE that will cause you to recognize what He wants to burn out of you, so He can burn through you.

The SPIRIT took up residency within them and the first thing He EMPOWERED them to do was to speak of the good things of the Lord. When the SPIRIT is moving and we are receiving from the very presence that He brings, our lives will speak. Our lives will be blessed and our lives will be SPIRIT EMPOWERED. Our lives will be full of revelation, and boldness will be a part of who we are.

We, the living Body of Christ, will BREAK the intimidation of the enemy by lifting our hands before the Lord and then lifting our voices against the atrocities the enemy is trying to bring. The gifts and the fruit of the SPIRIT will begin to be seen through bold, EMPOWERED Christians.

Suddenly, we will rise above old habits and watered-down religious activities. The SPIRIT’S revelation will continue to burst through our mouths as the excitement of serving God drives His people. The Word will be made manifest in our lives as we receive from Him at His feet.

The EMPOWERMENT of the SPIRIT that brought Peter’s anointed “This is that” sermon in Acts 2 will be our experience, as well. We will have SPIRIT-filled words that cut between the soul and the SPIRIT, and their open hearts will cry out, “What shall we do?”

SPIRIT EMPOWERED everyday sermons will be followed by multiplication. We will enter the house of the Lord with anticipation and a desire to pray. We will sit in His presence to learn, to grow, and then to be SPIRIT EMPOWERED TO GO. The reverence of God will be more common, and communion together will include remembering Jesus and His broken body and His shed blood.

Gratefulness for who He is, making us who WE ARE, will flow like a river. Get ready! We, the Church, will arise in fearlessness, with hearts burning with a message of the eternal kind! No longer silent, we will be unstoppable! We will be willing to pay any price by going anywhere to do anything, because we are filled with the Holy Ghost to the overflow.

We are aware that JESUS HAS ENTRUSTED US to be the ones who will change the whole world with the message and the fire of the Holy Ghost. Let me say it this way: We are being prepared by God to walk forward, filled with the Holy Ghost of Jesus. Look at this Scripture.

Acts 10:38 KJV

How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with POWER: who went about doing good and healing ALL that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with Him.

Jesus was filled with the Holy Ghost.

Holy means sacred, which is physically pure, morally blameless, or ceremonially consecrated.

Ghost means pneuma, which is a current of air, life, a breath (blast), vital principle, mental disposition, (superhuman) Christ’s SPIRIT, the Holy SPIRIT.

We cannot separate out the Godhead. They are ONE as Jesus proclaimed in His prayer to the Father in John 17. He carried the POWER, personality and abilities of the Holy SPIRIT, and then He released this POWER and presence to us.

God is looking for the hungry ones again. He is looking for those who are not just hungry to have an experience with the Lord or with the Holy SPIRIT, but those who are hungry to be EMPOWERED by the SPIRIT for the purposes of God to be realized on the earth. He is looking for the ones who will stay ablaze, stay aligned, stay praying, and stay obedient. He is looking for the ones who can be led wherever He may take them or do whatever He desires, so that the whole world will know there is something different in these people.

They are not going about just sharing doctrine. They are sharing from their lives, their hearts, and their actions that what they experienced did not come from natural means.

When they speak there is something about their words that are able to pierce the soul and release the Holy SPIRIT. They are passionate and they have a fire that cannot be contained, no matter what their circumstances.

God is bringing us to a place in which the SPIRIT-filled Church is familiar, but now it will be SPIRIT EMPOWERED at a different level. There can be no more delay if we are to prepare the way for His return.

The disciples did not know what to expect when they were told by the Lord to go and pray and wait for the Holy SPIRIT.

Yet, they obeyed, they prayed, they cried, they waited, they prayed and then their lives were filled with the same POWER of Christ. Christ’s SPIRIT came within them.

That is why they were POWERFUL. That is why you can be POWERFUL, also!

We are filled with His SPIRIT and ALL His gifts are available as He wills them to be released.

POWER means dunamis, which is force (literally or figuratively), miraculous POWER, ability, abundance, strength, violence, mighty wonderful work.

Do you see the importance of us being SPIRIT EMPOWERED to go ALL OUT?

We are witnesses, which means we are the “living record” of what His resurrection brought.

We are willing to die to live. SPIRIT EMPOWERMENT doesn’t necessarily mean you will die, but you will be dead to self. We are the record, the evidence of who Jesus is. We are the witnesses that Jesus indeed died with ALL of our sins, but now HE IS ALIVE FOREVERMORE! Now He has invested ALL the necessary ingredients for us to impact the whole world with the Gospel of salvation so ALL can come to the saving knowledge of Him. Hallelujah!

This will be our concentrated verse in 2020:

Ephesians 6:10 TPT

Now my beloved ones, I have saved these most important truths for last: Be supernaturally infused with strength through your life-union with the Lord Jesus. Stand victorious with the force of His explosive POWER flowing in and through you.

Pastor Dawn Rene McCann

#Spirit-Empowered Prayer:

I release this as a SPIRIT EMPOWERED command to each one to live in a different EMPOWERMENT this year. The seeds you have sown in this fast are going to have a sudden harvest as you rise into your position to become ALL that God has pre-determined for you this year. There will be mountains to climb, and the valleys will become plains, as you work with the SPIRIT to release His voice and call things into divine order. Glorious moments with the Lord will become a life of the awareness of His glory that lives on the inside. You are rising and living differently than EVER before. You are no longer aware of the failures or the victories of the past. Instead, you are concentrating on Heaven in the now and in the future. You will walk forward with eternal mindsets that are fixed on truth, and you will release it in every aspect of life. Come on! It is time to GO!

In Jesus’ Name. Amen.



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