• Dennis Roberts
    LIBERTY SCRIBES SERIES 2019 (1: 1/20/19) Glorious Church! God did everything for us that we may have an understanding of the sacrifice that was made for us. Jesus came on purpose with a heavenly agenda to make our salvation perfect through His suffering. The emblems of His sacrifice include the wood and the blood. The wood signified the crucifixion or putting to death of our sinful old nature and the blood signified the cleansing and purifying of our hearts. 2 Cor. 3:18 deeply reveals to us what our new nature is as we are being changed into glory. As we behold Him, we see ourselves in Him, in His image and in His glory, the conformity of His very nature as we look into the mirror of salvation. The Word of God cleanses and washes us thoroughly and continuously as a river of living waters. It furnishes us into being the perfected Bride of Christ. Being sunk in the Word gives you the “bounce” against the world’s opinion as you remain unmovable. The Word of God and its truth reinforces your stability and resilience against the world’s chaotic storms and doctrines. We are Christ’s representatives, and if we walk clean