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    Today we will continue to look at defining more clearly what the Lord is saying to us individually and corporately to go ALL OUT. Another part of this powerful declaration and definition is this: To give it your ALL; to try really hard and give a situation 100% of your attention You may already be thinking, “This is too much for me. I can’t do that. No one can.” God isn’t asking you to do what you CAN’T do. He is asking you for what you are willing and able to do – not FOR HIM, but WITH HIM. Oh, doesn’t that just change the perspective and give you a different reason to do it? He counts us as partners in changing lives and furthering the Kingdom of God. You and me—little ol’ us—whom He chose from before we were born to do great and mighty things WITH HIM, are His partners in changing the world. Moses didn’t take the people of God out of Egypt without God. The three men in the fiery furnace didn’t face the furnace without the fourth man (Jesus). Elijah didn’t call down power without the power working WITH him. The disciples didn’t change the