2018 Fasting Guide – Introduction

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21-Day Scripture and Worship Guide

We have so many things to be thankful for!

God has spoken many things over us. We have been discovering and experiencing how limitless we are as we have:

• Reached out to others
• Seen miracles in our midst
• Been a part of bringing people to know the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ
• Seen transformation of lives
• Been loving to each other
• Connected to God on a higher level
• Enjoyed a closer, more personal fellowship with God and with each other
• Welcomed new people into our family
• Been together in His presence finding the meaning of life
• Become more and more givers

We are now entering into a season where we will begin to understand what God is saying to us with the words “ALL IN.”

When He began speaking to me about 2018, He awakened my spirit to the importance of being ALL IN. First and foremost, of course, ALL IN with HIM, which is much of what we will be concentrating on. There is a lot to consider of how we can be ALL IN with God. Consider this:

However, when everything is subjected to Him, then the Son Himself will also subject Himself to [the Father] Who put all things under Him, so that God may be all in all [be everything to everyone, supreme, the indwelling and controlling factor of life]. –
1 Corinthians 15:28 AMP

SO THAT GOD may be ALL in ALL!!!!


That makes me want to shout!

But ALL IN also means that we need to realize we need to be ALL IN with the purposes of God with each other. ALL IN means perfect union. It means having mindsets that come together to bring about selflessness and align ourselves with full surrender so that the sovereign move of God can come, not only to us but through us.

We are going to have to choose to be ALL IN SYNC with the Spirit of God and with what He is saying and doing, not only with the Body of Christ at large, but with what He is doing to reach out to the world with His heart.

So let us begin this important journey as we begin this year with 21 days of concentration on the One who is worthy of ALL of our attention and affection.

Father, we recognize the price You paid for us through Your Son, so we could experience You as our ALL IN ALL. So we invite You now into every part of our lives as we go forward with this fast. We want to concentrate individually and corporately on YOU. And we know that You are faithful to perfect us from the inside out so that we will represent You well on this earth.

Come before You come, Lord Jesus. In our midst, overwhelm us with Your goodness and Your love and make us like You, sweet Jesus.


Love you all so much. Thank you for taking this journey together.
We are going to be ALL IN

Pastor Dawn René McCann

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